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Sports Neurology

The Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic recognized the relationship between neurological sciences, sports injury, physical rehabilitation and peak performance in the late 1990’s. Since then, Kerlan-Jobe patients have benefited from expert Sports Neurological consultation and management as part of the clinic's renowned world-class orthopedic care. Kerlan-Jobe, through its clinics, education and research, continues to lead the field of Sports Neurology, which is integral to state-of-the-art Sports Medicine. The sub-specialty of Sports Neurology is concerned with the following goals:

  • Advance the study and management of neurological injuries that may develop from participation in athletic activities.
  • Promote safe participation in sports and athletics by patients with existing neurological conditions.
  • Identify and understand the neuropsychiatric conditions that can result from sports injury, including its impact on athletic performance and daily living.
  • Foster understanding of the neurological benefits of exercise and fitness, including the neurophysiology of peak performance in sport.
  • Define guidelines for the management of concussion, spinal cord and peripheral nerve injury in sport.

Significant contributions to the field of Sports Neurology related to patient care, education, and research are being led by Dr. Vernon B. Williams, Chairman of Kerlan-Jobe's Sports Neurology Department. Dr. Williams is a Board Certified Neurologist and a member of the of the American Academy of Neurology Section on Sports Neurology Executive Committee. Dr. Williams is the course director (a position he has held twice in the past) for the American Academy of Neurology 2011 Annual Meeting program on Sports Neurology. He is the Medical Director for Sports Concussion Institute and has chaired, served as moderator and/or participated as a lecturer at the annual summit for four consecutive years. Dr. Williams attended and submitted written testimony to Congress during the U.S. House Judiciary Field Hearing on Football Head Injuries in 2010. He serves on the Associate Editorial Board of Frontiers in Sports Neurology Journal and presents educational lectures on a frequent basis to physicians, certified athletic trainers, therapists, coaches, insurers, administrators, athletes, parents and family members on issues related to Concussion and Sports Neurology. Dr. Williams has also been an active consultant to news and media outlets on the emerging sub-specialty of Sports Neurology.

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